From Kimondo, we want to welcome you to an ideal space to share the peace, dreams and inspiration of Anekke's creations.

The brand, which speaks for itself, has opened a space among the dreamiest women. Her designs contain the essence of a brand that has been seducing the most nostalgic, romantic and simple female audience for years.

Through the Anekke accessories, we want to guide you through a world of beautiful and tender feelings, where there is space to live in a leisurely way and enjoy the little details.

The Anekke bag collections are designed to accompany you in your day-to-day life and remind you that you are also a dreamer. All his illustrations combine perfectly with your daily clothes. The wide range of soft coloursthat characterizes their designs makes them combine with any colour.

In our store, you will find in this careful selection of Anekke bags, a place to let yourself be carried away by your imagination. Every detail counts. And, all the creations invite you to explore other worlds and travel with your imagination.

All fabrics are cared for with the passion and love that characterizes the brand. Respecting each of the lines of their designs and evoking a romantic and tender woman, while practical, active and modern.

Among the Anekke accessories and bags collection, we have included the comfortable and stylish Anekke backpack. These, in addition to having a very careful style, are ideal to accompany casual looks and follow you in your day to day.

You can choose from a wide variety of backpacks: school, round or with flaps. All of them show off the wonderful illustrations of the firm and are covered with the best finishes to offer you a unique experience.

If instead of a backpack you prefer to opt for your Anekke shoulder bag, you will find versatile and adjustable designs to the different heights and bodies of women. All have interior pockets and decorated linings ideal to offer you a magical experience in every detail.

In addition to bags, backpacks and shoulder bags, we have included a wide variety of Anekke accessories that are perfect to complete any gift.

In our store, you will discover a careful collection of: wallets, cases, purses, wallets, canteens, handkerchiefs, flip flops or umbrellas with the exclusive and original designs of the brand.

Costume jewellery also occupies an important place. A careful collection of pendants, rings and bracelets in gold and silver tones will add a romantic and delicate touch to the looks of the youngest girls.

Simplicity, harmony, romanticism and nostalgia come together in each of the pieces of this brand full of details and sensitivity. And, selecting an Anekke accessory is choosing an experience for the senses.

The world of Anekke revolves around dreams, travels, adventures, wishes and longings. Love at first sight, happy moments, people who bring something good, the magic of freedom when traveling, the freedom to be yourself or the essence of nature are some of the concepts that Anekke manages to convey with the fantastic designs of her.

As you know, in our firm we bet on the big brands, of course, Anekke could not be missing among them. We offer competitive prices and fast and efficient delivery. We ship to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

In less than 24 hours you will receive your purchase at home if you do it in Spain and Portugal. In addition, orders over € 45 have no shipping costs.

Do not hesitate to visit our online store and get our accessories and Anekke bags. You will receive them comfortably at home.

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