Cath Kidston

A spectacular collection, which offers attractive flowery designs, as well as large-capacity backpacks and bags. You could say that this is one of the most beautiful collections that we offer at Kimondo.

What is the Cath Kidston Collection?

In the Cath Kidston collection you can find different accessories, although the ones that stand out the most are the cases, wallets, backpacks and toiletry bags. Each one of these accessories is available in different colors and designs, so that they can be combined at ease with different outfits. In addition, they provide freshness with their prints, they are comfortable and easy to transport.

The brand's accessories are of excellent quality, have great storage and are extremely easy to wash.

One of our policies is to always get the best prices on the best accessories, and it is a very successful policy, which can easily be seen reflected in Cath Kidston backpacks, bags and cases.

Although it is true that this collection has different prices for each of its items, it cannot be denied that all the accessories have completely accessible prices. And even more so, taking into account the level of detail with which the cases, shoulder bags and toiletry bags are made.

What are the accessories in the Cath Kidston collection?

As mentioned above, the Cath Kidston collection has different accessories, including wallets, shoulder bags, backpacks, or cases, among others.

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