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At Kimondo we bring you news in school folders and filing cabinets.

In our online store we have an extensive assortment of school filing cabinets, as well as folders and diaries. Available in a variety of original designs and trend colors. So that each boy and girl can enjoy it in their day to day.

Each of these school materials is ideal for those children who want to transport their notes in an orderly manner.

School diaries, folders and filing cabinets have become indispensable for students at different ages.

Novelties of school folders and filing cabinets

At Kimondo we expand our selection of products by introducing ring binders in our online catalog. Ideal to simultaneously serve as a folder and notebook and keep all the sheets properly organized.

You will also find bound folders and briefcases or document holders to organize school or institute notes. And if you need a notebook to write and take notes, you can buy one of our diaries.

Thanks to brands like Busquets, you will find school supplies with the best designs on the market.

Each of these stationery materials are designed for school. Even their formats and designs can match your backpack.

Brands such as Busquets offer covers and interiors decorated with the greatest care. The materials are of good quality.

In Kimondo you will find articles designed for all tastes. Both folders and filing cabinets with flowers and butterflies, or in shades of pink and purple. But also with Sporty style and with blue, gray, black and red tones.

Prices of school filing cabinets and accessories

At Kimondo we offer the best prices on school folders and filing cabinets. Just check our online catalog for a fun and colorful back to school.

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