Lois, the legendary Spanish jeans brand that arrived in 1962, continues to set trends in our country's fashion. In Kimondo you will find a careful selection of the best Lois accessories, ideal to complete any look.

Collection after collection, Lois shows her rebellion and nonconformity and shows her hallmark in each of her creations. In our catalogue, we have selected the most versatile, stylish and functional Lois bag designs for women.

If there is something that the brand bets on, it is for its wide range of colours and styles that encompasses women of all ages and conditions. Lois bags are committed to the concept of a free and sophisticated woman, who flees from gender stereotypes.

Among our Lois selection for women, you will find more classic designs, such as shopper bags, and more modern ones, such as the Lois shoulder bag.

The latter have large and practical compartments and are ideal for those times when you don't need to carry too many things. A shoulder bag can never be missing from your wardrobe

These discreet designs from the collection are perfectly adapted to the day-to-day life of today's woman. They are compact and have a variety of compartments that will keep all your belongings in order.

Among our collection of Lois bags, you will find models for all sizes. Because not all bodies are the same, and neither are situations. You do not need to carry the same amount of things when you are going to spend a whole day without stopping, as when you decide to run a last minute errand. For these moments, Lois has created the perfect complement: the Lois mini crossbody bag.

The brand has thought of everything, and in addition to sophisticated handbags and practical and comfortable crossbody bags, it has included in its collection of Lois bags for women a neat repertoire of heavily reinforced briefcases.

At Lois and Kimondo we care about fashion, but also the care and comfort of your back. So, if you are one of those who feels ideal carrying her belongings in a backpack, Lois offers you a wonderful and current range. These are ideal for women who choose comfort above all else.

The brand not only thinks of all styles for women, it also thinks of men. Among its collection, you will find a wide variety of men's accessories: wallets, belts and wallets with the best finishes. Small details for masculine looks that make big differences

Lois has continued to position itself as a brand with great international impact since the early 1960s first heard about the new fabric that was taking off in the US: denim.

During the 70s, personalities such as ABBA, Johan Cruyff and Rod Stewart wore clothing from the brand. During that same period, women began to enter the labour market, transforming into a movement that would have no turning back: women take to the streets dressed in Lois jeans, miniskirts and shorts.

Since then, the brand has maintained its essence and today it reaches our days with a very distinctive quality: complete Spanish design and quality guarantee

Dare to experiment with the wide range of accessories that Lois has prepared for you in our online store.

At Kimondo we only bet on quality products, the best prices and a fast and efficient delivery. We ship to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

In less than 24 hours you will receive your purchase at home if you do it in Spain and Portugal. Orders over € 45 do not have shipping costs.

Do not hesitate to take a look at our online catalog of Lois accessories. You will receive your orders comfortably at home!

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