Movom is a Spanish brand of backpacks and accessories, relatively new to the market, but constantly growing. Due to its avant-garde designs, good quality and excellent price, it has been very well received.

It is said that Movom backpack designs go far beyond their striking colors and original prints, which are made with the idea of ​​adapting to each person and their needs. In addition to being versatile and very varied, it is possible to find fashion accessories, Movom bags, cases and even Movom backpack trolleys; which ensures that whatever your age, and whatever your preferences, Movom has the ideal complement.

Among the characteristics of Movom backpacks, it should be noted that one of the differential hallmarks of this brand is precisely its modern and casual design. The relationship between quality and price of Movom backpacks is part of its attractions.

Having sober and also fun designs made for children, youth and adults, it was expected that it would be a product with a high level of resistance, strong but light and they are prepared to receive impact, being also very durable.

The best Movom accessories in Kimondo

At Kimondo, we are committed to offering you the best products, of the highest quality and at the best selling price. We bring you more than 20 Movom products, Movom backpacks, cases and shoulder bags for girls, Movom briefcase and small and large backpacks, they are part of just a few products that are available in our selection. Fashion and school products for boys, girls and young people, go to class in style.

We offer you the highest value for money, with the seal of guarantee that only Kimondo offers. If you are looking for an attractive, comfortable backpack, ideal for you and at the best price, find exactly what you are looking for here.

Start your trip, your school season, university or any adventure with Movom.

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