School backpacks

At Kimondo we want to make choosing school bags an easy task. Therefore, we make it easy for you. We have a large selection of original children's backpacks, which perfectly combine comfort, design and quality for all members of the family.

Our school bags are made of resistant materials to strengthen and protect the back. In addition, they are designed to adapt perfectly to the tastes and looks of young and old.

Among our selection, you will find a variety of models that range from classic and discreet fabrics, to the most original and colourful.

Our school backpacks are adapted to all ages, and that is because at Kimondo we want to accompany you and your family in the different stages of your lives. In addition, our children's backpacks are designed to become the ideal travel suitcase for the holidays of the little ones in the house.

At Kimondo we trust only brands that are committed to quality and versatility in all their designs. Our goal is to take care of you and yours, therefore, among our categories you will find:

School bags for girls

So that the smallest of the house enjoy going to school every day. We have carefully selected original and fun children's backpacks loaded with sequins, led lights and fantasy.

Our girls' school bags come in a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure an original look.

School backpacks for boys

Current and resistant designs appear in our collection created for the little men of the house. Children can choose from a variety of children's backpacks, light and above all, very practical.

At Kimondo we take care that there is not a single compartment that meets all your needs.

Youth school bags

Buying this type of school backpack can become quite a challenge. The youngest in the house are sometimes the most demanding when choosing their accessories.

For them, one of the fundamental requirements is to be up to date. For this reason, we have included in our collection all the trends and the most attractive brands.

In addition to being very current, our school backpacks are designed to take care of the health of young and old. All of them are made of strong materials and have the robustness, resistance, ergonomics and lightness necessary for the care of the back.

For the little ones, we have included in our catalogue different options of children's school backpacks with wheels. Thus, they can take them rolling wherever they go without carrying them on their back.

It is also possible to opt for our single car models. We have a wide variety of sizes and colours for all tastes. They fit easily and comfortably into your favourite backpack and you can put them on and take them off as needed.

In our collection of school bags, our models are carefully studied. We take into account that all designs have a good distribution. And it is that, making a good distribution of the weight is key when it comes to avoiding back injuries.

In addition, we have included matching cases, purses and toiletry bags, so keeping order in your backpack becomes a simple and fun task.

In our online store we bet on the big brands, the best prices and a fast and efficient delivery. We ship to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

If you have made your purchase in Spain and Portugal, you will receive it at home in less than 24 hours. In addition, orders over € 45 have no shipping costs.

Do not hesitate to take a look at all the news in school backpacks in our online store. You will receive them comfortably at home!

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