How can I make a return?

You have 30 days to request a return after placing your order.

The steps to follow are:

1. Send an email to [email protected] indicating the order number and the items you wish to return. You can also do it from your "Order history" in your account from the web, selecting the items you want to return in the order.

2. After accepting your return, you can send it to our warehouse located at:


Ctra. Sant Boi, nº 96

08620 Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Barcelona, ​​Spain

*Only delivered returns are accepted at the specified address

3. Once your items are received, they are reviewed, if everything is correct, we will proceed to pay you the amount of the same, deducting in case we have collected the collection costs mentioned above. Within a maximum period of 14 business days after receiving the package in our warehouse.

NOTE: The fact that we accept your return and receive it in our warehouse does not guarantee that it will be paid, for this it has to meet the requirements indicated below and not show signs of use. In the event that it does not pass the review phase, we reserve the right to resend your return postage due and deduct the costs of the collection if we have made it ourselves.

*In times of much saturation such as Christmas or sales it will not always be possible to offer home pick-ups with the agency, in that case, the client must send us the return by their own means

*In case of returning all the products of an order and having benefited from free shipping, we reserve the right to charge the costs of this first free shipping in addition to the corresponding return costs.

How can I make a change?

To make a change, you must process a return and purchase the new items by making a new order separately from the web.

Requirements to accept a return or exchange

In order for us to accept the return and pay you the corresponding amount, we need you to meet the following requirements:

- The items must contain all their original parts, labeling, plastics, bags, and box if present. If it is not returned as it was delivered to the customer, we will reserve the right not to issue a refund.

- You can return the package using the same packaging with which you received it or another, always so that it arrives to us correctly protected so that the content is not damaged.

- If you return the product of an order that included a gift as a promotion or similar, it will be necessary to also return the gift, otherwise We reserve the right not to refund the amount.

- If you return the product of an order that had promotional codes applied based on the total value of the order, these will be adjusted to the new resulting total taking into account the total value after the return or exchange of the item.

- Kimondo points policy: the points generated by an order in case of return will be discounted. Example: if you place an order and accumulate points that you use in a second order, and you want to return the first order, the amount of points used in the second order will be deducted because it corresponds to the returned item and on the other hand the second order will accumulate its corresponding points .

- It is necessary to include within the package a sheet specifying the order number and full name of the person who made the purchase corresponding to the return. If it is not identified, the return cannot be made. refund.

- In the event of a return resulting in the total order value being lower than the free shipping promotion, the shipping costs from which the customer has benefited will be deducted from the amount to be paid. customer when making the purchase.

- Returns are not accepted unless it is a defect in products such as underwear, swimsuits, bikinis, combs and colognes.

The item I received has a defect

In the event that the items received have a defect, you must notify us within a maximum period of 48 hours after receiving your order and provide us with images of the defect.

In the event of a defect, we will bear all the costs of collection and we make a replacement of the defective article for another equal, in case of not having the same article, the client will be consulted to make the change for another of similar characteristics and price or the full payment of the product / order.

To solve it, you will have to send us an email to [email protected] and notify us so that we can send the courier agency to pick up the defective item/s and, after receiving it, we will proceed to the full payment at no cost.

*** Kimondo reserves the right to claim shipping and return costs in case of repeated returns by the customer due to withdrawal without belonging to returns due to default or attributable causes to Kimondo.

Non-Returnable Products

Voluntary exchanges/returns of items such as masks, socks, scarves or underwear are not allowed, since as it is a hygienic product we cannot ensure that it has not been tampered with or opened.

Orders not picked up or rejected

In the event that the order is rejected or is returned to us because the delivery attempts or absence has been exceeded, we reserve the right to deduct all the expenses caused by the management as soon as the package is returned to us.

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